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Patch lets homeowners test a new color without ruining their wall

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Created by the UK's Colour & Paint, iPatch is a simple sticker that can be added and removed from any surface without damage.

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When it’s time to redecorate, homeowners typically use tester pots to see exactly what paint will look like on their walls. This can leave a temporary mess in their home while also contributing to waste when the packaging is thrown away. While digital alternatives such as Decolabs have used augmented reality to virtually alter what a space looks like, iPatch is a simple sticker that can be added and removed from any surface without damage.

Created by the UK’s Colour & Paint, the service enables customers can choose the shades they’d like to try on the company’s website. Rather than send them a tester pot, which uses up more paint and often comes in a tin or plastic container, the company simply brushes a flat layer of the paint onto a square card that mimics the texture of plaster. The card is flexible and includes a slightly adhesive back that allows it to be attached to any surface in the home. Redecorators can easily see what the color will look like in various parts of the house without making it permanent, and the tester can even be carried from house to house. The video below explains more about the idea:

iPatch offers a nuisance-free and eco-friendly way to test out new home designs and is currently free to order in the UK. Are there other simple, offline solutions that can do a better job at demonstrating a product than digital alternatives?



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