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Pedal-powered coffee retailer


Mobile coffee carts have been around for a while, including those from Dutch MobiCcino, which we covered back in 2006. But whereas most such carts are motorised, UK-based Bikecaffe has come up with a pedal-powered and eco-friendly alternative. Using heavy-duty cargo tricycles, Bikecaffe travels emission-free as it serves up a range of coffee blends from roasters Segafredo Zanetti and Integrity Fair Trade. The company’s trikes use a gas-powered machine for brewing and can produce up to 500 cups per day—served in recyclable containers—along with chai, biscotti and other edibles. Best of all, Bikecaffe trikes can access pedestrian areas that their motorised competitors can’t, making them ideal providers for pedestrian malls, historic venues, outdoor events, concerts and parties. Just launched in March, Bikecaffe is recruiting franchisees to run carts across the UK and Europe; one to bring to your neck of the coffee-drinking woods? (Related: Cargo bikes for greener business deliveries.) Spotted by: S.W.



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