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Pedal-powered taxis deliver free love

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Pedal-powered taxis and free love have both been around for years, but it wasn’t until just recently that one of our spotters saw them combined. Specifically, Dublin-based Ecocabs now offers free eco-taxi rides throughout the streets of the city. Ecocabs are pedal-powered (but battery-assisted, when necessary) tricycles that can accommodate three people for emissions-free transit through congested urban areas. Launched in April, they offer short-distance travel within the Dublin city centre from 10 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. Rides on the vehicles are free, of course, through the power of sponsorship. Vehicles are wrapped with brand-specific colours and imagery, and drivers can also hand out leaflets, wear branded clothing or target particular areas of the city. (Ecocabs are also available to act as a dedicated or on-demand shuttle service for customers, clients and employees, as well as at product launches, photo-shoots, trade-fairs, public sporting events, etc.) Current sponsors of the vehicles include 7Up, Yoplait and KPMG. Ecocabs have also been seen offering free rides on the streets of Toronto, and full-fare versions exist in numerous other cities. In Ireland, meanwhile, Ecocab is seeking franchise operators in Cork and Belfast. Time to start serving up some pedal-powered free love of your own….? (Related: Whispering billboards, talkative cab drivers and Cargo bikes for greener business deliveries in congested cities.) Spotted by: Keetsa via RK



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