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Peer-to-peer delivery service brings unique items right to the door

Travel & Tourism

Grabr piggybacks existing journeys to deliver almost any item, anywhere.

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From hospitality to private transport, peer-to-peer solutions have cut established providers out of the market across a range of industries. Airbnb and Uber are just the headliners; elsewhere we’ve seen P2P lending through Bitcoin, and startups enabling travelers to exchange chats in their native language for bed and board.

Now, Grabr provides a platform for peer-to-peer delivery, enabling travelers to take a little extra baggage for a small fee. A buyer chooses their item and anyone heading for their town or city can bid for the job. The buyer then selects who they would like to make the delivery and arranges a meeting place. The service takes advantage of journeys already taking place.

Grabr’s mission is to become the world’s largest peer-to-peer shopping and delivery company. In their ambition they’re reliant on the millions of international journeys made each year, but also on the good nature and inquisitiveness of those willing to pad their suitcases with a stranger’s wish list. Could Grabr’s model rival existing delivery services?



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