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Pen vibrates when the user makes a mistake


Lernstift is a pen that vibrates every time the user makes a spelling, grammar or legibility mistake.

The Bruynzeel My Grip pen may have been designed for kids by kids themselves, but it seems safe to say it lacks at least one feature that most schoolchildren would surely value. Imagine a pen that alerts the user as soon as they’ve made a mistake, and you’ve essentially got the Lernstift, a new innovation from an Austrian startup by the same name. Electronics integrated into the Lernstift enable the device to recognize a wide variety of writing movements and alert the writer by vibrating when a mistake has been made. Specifically, two functions are available on the pen: Calligraphy Mode, which points out flaws of form and legibility, and Orthography Mode, which focuses on detecting spelling and grammatical errors. The company explains: “Lernstift’s subtle, yet unmistakable vibrating alert lets us know instantly and sensorially when a mistake was made. This makes Lernstift a unique and effective educational aid that makes learning a fun thing to do.” The video below (in German) explains the premise in more detail: Future versions of the Lernstift will include a dynamic pressure sensor and a networking module to connect with PCs and other devices, as well as an open platform for app development. Its Salzburg-based maker plans to launch a crowdfunding effort starting in February, it says. Education-minded entrepreneurs the world over: one to get involved in? Spotted by: Vitus Zeller



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