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Perfumier lets customers try scents at home


Commodity is now providing fitting kits — enabling customers to test all ten scents in their line at home, before choosing their favorite.

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It is all very well trying on multiple shoes instore before choosing the best pair, but perfume is a different matter. Each lingering smell will affect the next, meaning scent-seeking consumers never get a true idea of the perfume from a beauty counter. Commodity’s new scent delivery service offers a solution. The perfumier is now presenting customers with a selection of try-at-home packages, allowing them to try all ten scents in Commodity’s line, at home, before choosing their favorite.


Customers receive ten mini-scents by post. The Eau de Parfums include five white scents — such as Tea, Rain and Paper — which are light and airy, and five black scents — including Book, Gin and Wool — which are more complex and moody. Once the customer has chosen their fragrance, they can order a full sized bottle, which is included in the original purchase.

Prices start from USD 24 for a fitting kit — ten mini scents — and one 10ml scent. Could other luxury products, such as make-up, include home-testing kits to make them more suitable for online purchasing?



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