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Subscription service

Personalized vitamin packs delivered monthly

Sport & Fitness

Subscription service rewards consumers for tracking their vitamin consumption via the accompanying app.

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The Care/of vitamin delivery service provides up-to-date research and the scientific debates behind each vitamin, mineral, herb and other supplement offered in the company’s bespoke monthly packages. Headquartered in New York City, the company has in-house research and development, supply chain and fulfillment teams all based in the United States.

To create an account, subscribers must answer several lifestyle information questions that form the basis for a bespoke recommendation of supplements. Personalized packs are mailed monthly and can be stopped at any time. The Care/of suggestions are meant to act as a starting point for each individual’s unique health journey. The accompanying iOS app helps users track their health, set reminders and earn rewards. Customers can also buy gift cards for personalized daily vitamins and specify the message they want to be printed on each pack. The company is also working to help poor pregnant women by donating a portion of every sale to an organization that donates prenatal vitamins to women who otherwise would be unable to afford them.

Another subscription service that is helping to bring health and wellbeing to the consumer is a curated collection of items designed to help the recipient unwind, physically and mentally. Subscription services in general are now covering almost all aspects of life, from car and bike transport to fashion. How could subscriptions be used to promote and support sustainability initiatives?




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