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Pet insurance startup offers fully digital services

Pet insurance goes fully digital to improve transparent communication with their customers

Spotted: More and more services used daily, are moving online. Recent examples include an app that can deliver your morning papers and an online concierge that plans your holiday remotely. The ease and convenience of having important services accessible via your smartphone is catching on in various sectors. Now, a UK startup is offering fully digital pet insurance.

Waggel aims to offer more transparent coverage for pets, where owners will know exactly how much they are paying and for what provision. They also offer rewards for improving the care of your animal. What is more, Waggel provide all their services digitally. This means that communication with their clients is much faster and more open than traditional paper contact.

Customers can get a quote within thirty seconds. They can also make a claim within the app and track that claim in real time. Waggel promises to be transparent on how much it is paying out and why. In having almost instant communication at the convenience of the customer, the startup is helping give back more control to the customer.

Their rewards program also makes it easier and more affordable for customers to take preventative care of their pet. Their partnerships with various high-quality pet food suppliers offers customers discounts. This means that pet owners can look after their animals in advance by feeding them higher quality nutrition.



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