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Petri dish full of live bacteria used to advertise soap

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A Latin American branding company is rethinking traditional advertising methods with a new campaign for soap

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As consumers grow increasingly mistrustful of advertising, the industry has become more innovative in its approach to attention grabbing campaigns. We wrote about this advertising agency that partnered with a mask manufacturer to gamify the process of checking pollution levels, offering discounts to the worst affected. Now, Latin American branding company The Electric Factory Group have created a campaign using poster seized petri dishes containing live bacteria.

The new campaign for soap brand Lifebouy attempts to rethink traditional promotional methods, proving that traditional advertising isn’t dead. The Electric Factory Group have created giant petri dish ‘posters’ or “Bacteriads” containing bacteria from everyday objects such as mobile phones and money. The aim is to encourage people to wash their hands more often and the public watch as the bacteria continue to grow each day. The campaign has been installed in malls across Uruguay.

As marketing and PR jobs are increasingly brought in house, it falls to more traditionally structured agencies to justify their existence by being disruptive. Will the industry be able to maintain momentum and justify its existence for much longer?

Image source: Electric Factory Group



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