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Phone call app lets contacts know when users have a spare minute

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The SpareMin app manages all the admin of scheduling phone calls — users send talk requests with topics, and calls are strictly five minutes long.

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Making otherwise unredeemed bits of life valuable is something we’ve seen in a variety of ways, including using spare travel funds to help less wealthy travelers and pairing up lost single gloves to provide an eco-friendly mismatched pair. An Android and iOS app, SpareMin, is helping to make all those unconnected spare minutes in the day work harder. After downloading the app and setting up a profile (using either a Facebook or LinkedIn account), users can indicate when they are available for calls. Push notifications will then be sent out to the person’s connections.

SpareMin calls are automatically ended after five minutes, giving both parties incentive to be concise. Calls are recorded so users can create audio content. All recordings are private until published, and at any time, users can remove any of their public recordings. In order to initiate a phone call, users must submit a talk request, with topic for discussion. If someone receives multiple calls at the same time, SpareMin automatically puts them on hold and connects the call at the appropriate time.

How could customer service or public relations organizations benefit from using small pockets of time to hear from the general public?



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