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Photo update | Personalized in-flight magazines at Heathrow's Terminal 1

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When we wrote about HSBC’s new build-your-own-inflight-magazine concept last week, the kiosk had yet to open. It’s now up and running in Heathrow’s Terminal 1, so we wanted to share a few images. Quick recap: as they enter the enclosure, travellers are handed a hardback magazine cover. They can then pick and choose from a large selection of loose-leaf articles arranged on the kiosk’s shelves. When they’re done, a staff member at the ‘binding bar’ neatly binds them into the cover to create a personal magazine. HSBC launched the concept to promote its Premier banking package. The kiosk will remain open for another two weeks, and may be rolled out to airports around the world in the future. Photos courtesy of Cunning. Thanks, Fay & Fredda!



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