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Physical counter shows online Facebook 'likes'


The Fliike is a device that enables any store to demonstrate online engagement through a physical Facebook 'like' counter.

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We recently saw how Nordstrom is integrating its Pinterest activity with its brick and mortar stores, with real-time showcasing of the most pinned items. Now the Fliike is enabling any store to demonstrate online engagement through a physical Facebook ‘like’ counter.

Created by France-based designers Smiirl, the product consists of a large display in ‘Facebook blue’ that – much like traditional counters – uses a flip mechanism to increase the number shown. The device uses a wifi connection to detect the number of likes on the Facebook page set by the owner, and updates in real time when a fan clicks the button. At 16 inches long, the display enables physical stores to prominently show how they’re engaging fans online to their offline customers. It also offers an interesting way to get those people to like the Facebook page through their smartphones while they’re in the store in order to see the ticker register their activity, opening up extra marketing audiences for businesses. The video below shows the Fliike in action:


The Fliike will be produced in an initial limited batch of 500, retailing at EUR 300. We are sure to see more examples of connections between the online and offline world. Are there other ways to effectively do this?

Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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