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Physical store mimics online to provide 24h access


Kenneth Cole’s brick-and-mortar store in NYC features 24 hour on-demand access and gif-making mirrors.

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Brick-and-mortar outlets are finding more ways to hybridize online and offline buying experiences, with recent examples including a social media connected clothes rail and a real-world cookie for collecting physical browsing habits. The latest effort comes from Kenneth Cole’s new concept store in NY.


The fashion store features a text service that enables 24 hour access — mimicking ecommerce’s on-demand shopping experience, users can text any time throughout the night and receive an appointment to visit within three hours. Other features include smart mirrors and touch screens, which enable users to take selfies, create gifs, and see how the products suit them in various colors. The store is open now on the corner of Bowery and Bond Street.

By assimilating the convenience of online shopping, outlets can offer customers a novel experience. What other ecommerce features can feed into physical stores?



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