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Kiosks that digitally print newspapers from around the world. Online meets offline.

Kiosks that digitally print newspapers from around the world

Some ideas are nothing but solutions waiting for the right entrepreneur to get them going. That certainly applies to The Netherlands-based PEPC WORLDWIDE, a global distributor of digitally transmitted newspapers from newspaper publishers around the world. They have actually solved the problem of online newspapers not being much fun to read on planes, in the park, in bed or in bath, if you can get an online connection at all. How it works: PEPC (founded in 1999) has developed an interactive kiosk with a built-in printer that digitally prints the latest editions of newspapers from around the world, on-demand and within minutes. The kiosks are linked to PEPC’s private satellite network, meaning kiosks can be placed almost anywhere on earth. Having completed product development and testing by mid-2002, the last six months have been used for a roll-out of 112 digital kiosks in 47 countries world-wide, publishing 104 titles in 28 languages. The kiosks are popping up in hotel lobbies, airports, cruise ships, and business centers. The planned IPO for this year (2003) should accommodate a fast roll-out (PEPC is hoping to sell 1 million shares, priced at 14-16 USD), and, by increasing its scale of operations, a lower price per paper printed. The price currently hovers around 4-5 USD. Sounds like an interesting sales or investment opportunity, or a great partnering deal if you’re working for anything that is fit to print!


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