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Elevator pitches at thirty thousand feet

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This is inflight entertainment that should appeal to all of our entrepreneurial readers: Virgin Atlantic’s recently launched PitchTV. As part of Virgin Atlantic’s 25th birthday celebrations, Richard Branson announced a new way to support innovative business plans. Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the world in video format, uploading the videos to Virgin’s website, where the online community can view and rate their idea. Videos rotate on a monthly basis, and those with the most votes will be shown on Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight entertainment service. The aim is for the airline’s business passengers to watch the videos, contacting the entrepreneurs behind the ideas that take their fancy to help them develop the idea. Branson claims it’s a unique way of giving the world’s top business professionals access to fresh ideas and new ventures. By playing matchmaker, Virgin gains kudos and recognition without shelling out its own cash for new ventures. One pitch will likely prove the exception to that rule, however, as there’s a ‘special prize’ that has yet to be announced. We can’t wait to hear which of our readers will be first to appear inflight… (Related: Web channel for three-minute pitches‘Open-mic nights’ for business ideas.) Spotted by:



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