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Pizza vending machines


One of the world’s favorite fast-food options just got even more convenient with Wonderpizza—the world’s first vending machine to serve up piping hot pizzas in less than two minutes. The Wonderpizza machine stands at about six feet high, six feet wide and three feet deep, and holds up to 102 pre-sliced 9-inch pizzas in separate and sealed trays. The pizzas are frozen using a special process. Once they’ve been thawed and placed in the machine, they have a shelf-life of 12 days. Standard varieties are Cheese, Vegetables and Ham, but other varieties can be produced on request (minimum order is 39,000 pizzas). Using a high-intensity toaster oven cooking process, Wonderpizzas are heated upon order and delivered fast and hot at a suggested retail price of USD 5–6. Based on more than five years and six million dollars worth of research and development, Wonderpizza originated in Italy and is now beginning worldwide distribution, seeking regional and local distributors, dealers and agents. Wonderpizza joins MooBella in offering consumers innovative alternatives to traditional vending machine fare. Entrepreneurs who are quick to jump in on the game and target the right locations can feast on a yummy slice of profit. Spotted by: Bertjan van Dijk and Bjarke Svendsen




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