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Blockchain phone | Photo source Pixabay

Plans for new blockchain phone revealed


A Taiwanese telecoms company has revealed its working on creating a phone that will deliver decentralised applications through blockchain.


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Since Bitcoin launched in 2009, the blockchain technology that Bitcoin is built on has gained a great deal of attention. Blockchain technology allows information to be stored on a distributed network of computers (called nodes), instead of on a centrally-held server, such as a bank. This guarantees not only security and transparency, but also privacy. We have already seen a wide variety of financial and retail services offered using blockchain technology. These include a blockchain social network and a blockchain jobs platform for freelancers. Now, telecoms companies want a piece of blockchain as well. Taiwanese telecoms company HTC has announced plans to introduce a blockchain telephone.

The new phone, dubbed Exodus, will run on Android and will feature a wallet which supports a wide variety of cryptocurrency protocols. The wallet will allow users to make and accept cryptocurrency payments. HTC plans on creating a native blockchain network, in which each Exodus phone will act as a node. Using a blockchain operating system will allow all communication. Additionally it will include messages, VoIP calling, emails and data sharing to take place in the private blockchain. Android phones can currently be used to access blockchains and cryptocurrency wallets but they don’t have the same level of security and privacy that will be available in the new Exodus phone.

So far, HTC has not realeased any information on when the phone will be available or its price. However, the Exodus landing page allows visitors to fill out a form to reserve one of the new phones when they come out. The Exodus is not the first blockchain phone to be introduced. Sirin Labs is developing the Finney – a blockchain powered smartphone and PC. The release date for the Finney has not yet been set. Do blockchain phones represent the telecoms of the future?




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