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Platform enables architects to rapidly catch errors

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SKUR’s software enables designers to compare scanned data to original 3D models, and rapidly identify construction errors.

With large-scale construction projects, any slight deviation from design during the building process can have significant consequences downstream. SKUR have developed software that enables users to rapidly detect any variance between design and build.

Users take a laser scan of the material (usually LiDAR scans), which provides what’s known as a ‘point cloud’ — a large and noisy dataset that can require lengthy analyses. SKUR’s algorithmic software is able to rapidly compare a point cloud to original 3D model designs (in .dwg format), pinpointing precisely where levels of unacceptable variance occur using easily interpretable color-coding and arrows, which show the direction of the fault in space, highlighting exactly where correcting work needs to be done.

By enabling companies to constantly assess construction accuracy, SKUR hopes to save the industry time and money by detecting errors early. How else could algorithms analyze and present errors in design?



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