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Businesses bid to 3D print consumer designs

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A new site called CowFab sees 3D printing facilities competing to work on designers' projects by offering the best deal.

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The 3D printing revolution is set to open up a new generation of consumer-creators, but only if the average consumer can get access to the technology. In the past we’ve seen makexyz offer a platform for anyone to connect with local printers, but a new site called CowFab is seeing 3D printing facilities competing to work on designers’ projects by offering them the best deal.

Users can upload their designs to the site along with specifications for materials, size and other requirements. The growing list of businesses and individuals offering 3D printing can then browse requests and offer a quote to the designer. If multiple quotes are received, users can then choose the best deal and arrange for the printing project to go ahead. Designers can crowdsource the optimal printing facilities for their needs and receive competitive rates, 3D printers get introduced to new business and CowFab takes five percent of each sale.

Are there other ways to make 3D printing more accessible for the average consumer?

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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