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Platform gives businesses green supply chain recommendations


ProductBio is a database of suppliers that helps businesses find partners that match their ethical policies.

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The supply chain connects all businesses to the same network, but companies looking to commit to ethical and sustainable practices don’t have control over the behavior of their suppliers. If there’s one bad apple, it can leave a black mark on all connected companies. The problem is that while some businesses — such as Belgium-based fashion brand Honest by — are beginning to publish their entire manufacturing histories, it’s not easy to gather information about the practices of the whole supply chain. Hoping to change this is ProductBio, a database of suppliers that helps businesses find partners that match their ethical policies.

The online platform simplifies the complex process of procurement by using Big Data to analyze approximately 1 million product supply chains and grading them with green credentials. The collected data is automatically assembled in an infographic-style report that offers immediate insight into the sustainability of each product category. Through the ProductBio dashboard, businesses can add the partners they work with to see how their own supply chain compares to industry standards, and see recommendations for alternative suppliers with environmental certification. Companies can track their spending and set green targets, with the dashboard also displaying how close they are to meeting them. By signing up to ProductBio, businesses can then show customers how they’re making more sustainable decisions.

Currently in beta, the company offers two options — a free pilot with limited information and support, or an unlimited package costing USD 50 per product category, which comes with customized training and support. In this information age, are there other ways to make supply chains more transparent?



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