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Platform creates accurate 3D model of homes using photos

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A new platform can create a 3D model of any home, with measurements accurate enough for use by contractors and builders.

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One of the first steps in any exterior home renovation is to take accurate measurements. The next step is often to create a drawing of the property. A California startup has devised a way to make both of these steps as easy as taking a photo. HOVER Inc. has developed a machine learning platform which can turn smartphone photos into an interactive, scaled 3D model. The model includes measurements accurate enough to use in devising quotes. The company was founded by A. J. Altman, an engineer and former Marine Infantry Officer, who based the platform on one originally developed to create 3D maps derived from aerial photographs, for use in military operations.

The app creates a 3D visualisation of a property, allowing homeowners to see what a new renovation will look like and test new colors and styles to see what works best. To create 3D renderings with the HOVER app, users simply take a minimum of eight photos of the property, capturing every angle. The photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud, and within 24 hours HOVER transforms them into a 3D model. Users are notified in app or via email when the rendering is ready to view. Pricing is between USD 30 to 100 per model, plus a membership of between USD 0 to 110 per month.

We have previously highlighted innovations that allow watchers to interact with objects in videos and augmented reality that allows shoppers to try before they buy. The HOVER app takes this a step further with their platform designed to be used by contractors, home builders, insurance adjusters and other property professionals. The 3D renderings created by HOVER include detailed measurements of hard to reach areas like roof ridges and valleys, eaves, and rakes. The app can eliminate guesswork in price estimates, as well as the need for manual measurements – saving time and money. What other uses are there for a platform that can efficiently transform photos into 3D models?




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