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Platform enables fans to buy company stock through Facebook

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Loyal3 has created the Customer Stock Ownership Plan, a web and social media add-on which enables fans to buy company stock through Facebook pages.

The web has allowed companies to open up to customers in myriad ways – more direct communication, transparency and increased involvement in how enterprises are run. We recently saw social media site Zurker offer its users a stake in the business while keeping its books open, and now Loyal3’s Customer Stock Ownership Plan is enabling any company to sell shares directly to their fans on Facebook. Companies can install the CSOP app directly onto their Facebook pages or websites, which gives visitors the option to buy a stake in the business through a process which takes “three clicks”, according to Loyal3. Stocks are broken down into fractional shares, meaning that investments can start from USD 10 and customers can own less than one share if they do not have the budget. Fees, which are normally applied when buying stocks and can cost up to 60 percent of the stock price, are also waived by participating companies. Loyal3 believes that businesses benefit by attracting customers that are more likely to be loyal, recommend the company to friends, and spend more. The app also means that fans of a brand can buy shares without leaving Facebook. With a strong emphasis on ease-of-use for those looking to buy stocks, CSOP offers an attractive proposition to those who may feel that investing is beyond them, while also providing the company with more devoted customers. Could something similar benefit your brand? Contact: Spotted by: Vitus Zeller



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