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Online purchases through Facebook comments


Soldsie has turned social network comments into a way for consumers to quickly agree to a purchase.

We recently wrote about Material Wrld, the social fashion photo site that enables consumers to show off their wardrobe as well as sell the items when they’re done with them. Now Soldsie is also combining sharing and selling – by allowing Facebook users to purchase items with a comment. Merchants first install the Soldsie app on their Facebook account and get their fans to register with the startup, filling out payment and delivery info. When posting images of items for sale on their page, those interested in buying simply leave a comment saying ‘SOLD’. All comments containing the keyword are displayed on the seller’s Facebook dashboard, and from there they can send invoices and check on the status of orders and deliveries. Payments are facilitated through PayPal, but sellers can use the Facebook dashboard to control and monitor their business activity. Soldsie is currently offering a free 14-day trial, and only begin to take a three percent cut on sales if sellers make over USD 700 a month. Facebook has so far been useful for marketing purposes, but Soldsie helps brands turn their fan pages into a new channel for sales. One to get in on early? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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