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Viral charitable donations based on users’ interests and activities

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Snoball aims to encourage viral social giving via a platform enabling users to donate based on an event or action.

Regular reader of Springwise may remember our article on ifttt earlier this year. That service aimed to let users link and automate online tasks, and now we’ve come across a service based on a similar concept, with a charitable twist. Snoball aims to encourage viral social giving, via a platform that enables users to donate based on an event or action. To get started, users set up a Snoball account and then select the criteria for their snoball and how much to donate. A “snoball” is the trigger or prompt that results in a donation. These snoballs can be linked to a date — for example, on the first of every month the user will donate USD 2 to a specified charity — or a sports statistic, or even the weather. With Facebook integration, snoballs can also be prompted by a status update, check-in or wall posts. Users can then share their snoball with friends via Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare, which Snoball believe will encourage those with similar interests to participate and start snoballs of their own. Users can select from 1.6 million non-profits to donate to, and they can monitor the progress of their snoball. Snoball retain 5 percent of every donation to cover administrative and credit card processing costs, with the remaining 95 percent going direct to the specified charity. The video below explains Snoball in more detail: The premise of Snoball is to make donating to charities effortless, fun and viral. An opportunity for non-profits exploring new fundraising avenues? Spotted by: Matthew Smith



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