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Platform fills empty cinema seats through customer discounts

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DealFlicks offers film lovers lower prices for filling seats otherwise left unused.

While Pogoseat is helping sports fans to pay a little extra to move into better seats otherwise left unused or unsold at live games, DealFlicks is combatting the same problem for cinemas, and at the same time offering film lovers lower priced tickets. Currently available only in the US, DealFlicks has partnered with cinemas across the country. Users select their neighborhood, movie and showing time, and once they’ve paid the location of the theater is revealed. According to the company, this is to protect the reputation of the cinema. Discounts range between an average of 40 and 60 percent off typical ticket prices. Users can also take advantage of Super Deals – offering the greatest discounts – where they can enter two possible screening times and allow DealFlicks to choose which one they see. The scheme enables theaters to fill their empty seats by determining which cinemas ticket-buyers go to or what time screening they will attend, while flexible consumers benefit with large discounts. This model appears to work particularly well in the live entertainment industry where attendance numbers can be unpredictable – could your business use a similar idea? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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