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Platform helps tourists find doctors that speak their language

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TraveDoc enables holidaymakers to find specialist doctors that speak their language while they're in a foreign country.

We’ve already seen the Netherlands’ FlyFit offer a healthy drink that also combats DVT and jetlag, but what if travelers experience a more serious health problem while abroad? TraveDoc is a platform that enables holidaymakers to find specialist doctors that speak their language while they’re in a foreign country.

Holidays can often be marred if an accident happens or one party falls ill, but it can be made even worse if getting the required healthcare isn’t easy, often due to communication problems between tourists and health professionals. Aiming to solve this problem, TraveDoc users simply enter in the type of doctor they’d like to see, along with the city they’re in and the language they speak. The site then connects tourists with relevant, hand-picked healthcare professionals near to them, enabling users t0 schedule an appointment at the hospital or even at their hotel. The platform offers SMS notifications to ensure users don’t miss their visit and also provides directions to the hospital. The video below explains a bit more about the app:


Currently available in Dubai, Ghana, Malaysia and Singapore, TraveDoc is free to register. Are there other ways for tourists to connect with others abroad that share the same tongue?



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