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Platform helps YouTubers streamline their online content

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Epoxy is a platform which lets online video producers manage their content and interact with their audience across multiple media platforms.

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Being a YouTube star — or YouTuber as they are called in the trade — is big business: its highest grossing member, a woman who films herself unwrapping Disney toys, was recently revealed to have earned USD 4.9 million in 2014 from advertising related to her content. It is also a lot of work — the most successful YouTubers embrace a multi-platform approach, building and engaging with their audience on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Promising to do for video content what Hootsuite did for social media management, Epoxy is a platform which enables online video producers to manage their content and interact easily with their audience across multiple media platforms.

Epoxy incorporates publishing tools — which enable users to share their videos on all their social networks simultaneously — and social tools, which let them join in with the conversations fans are having about their content. Through the platform, YouTubers can schedule publishing times and make preview clips for Instagram or Vine. They can also monitor fan interactions and respond, keeping followers stimulated and invested in their channels. Epoxy then uses the data it collects to provide simplified audience insights and recommendations to help users maximize their reach — such as the best time of day to post or the best tags for different social networks. The platform also helps users identify fans that have interacted with their content without the producer knowing.

Some of YouTube’s biggest producers — such as Fullscreen and BroadbandTV — and large multi-channel networks are already signed up to use Epoxy’s platform. The startup offers scalable subscription models ranging from USD 20 per month for a team of five members and 50 videos to USD 110 per month for larger teams.

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