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HiMama is an online platform which enables childcare programs to document kids' daytime activity and report back to their parents in real time.

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Nearly 11 million children under five attend daycare in the US every week. With their kids spending an average of 36 hours with early learning carers, many working parents are understandably concerned about missing out on important moments in their child’s development. Looking to address this, HiMama is a Canadian startup which helps childcare and early learning programs document children’s daytime activity and report back to their parents in real time — keeping parents informed, included and reassured.

To use the platform, carers can add updates about children in their charge using a smartphone or tablet, inputting data organized into categories such as food, behavior, mood and sleep. Photos and videos can also be uploaded and sent instantly to parents, direct to their inbox.

The app, which is currently being used by daycares across North America, also enables carers to manage their paperwork and information load more efficiently, freeing up time to concentrate on looking after the kids.

At the end of every session the child spends with their carer, all the updates and images are automatically compiled into daily reports which are sent by email to the children’s parents, keeping them connected and informed about their child’s development. Through the HiMama platform, carers can easily access children’s information, attendance history and developmental records. They can also create informative, personalized online journals for each child, which parents can cherish and share with friends and family.

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