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Platform lets readers microfinance news outlets of choice

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A new platform provides a monthly subscription service that helps readers microfinance journalists and media companies with a single click.

Libre is a tool, platform and currency designed by Open Knowledge Brasil to support quality journalism and foster more trusting relationships between the public and media organizations. Eliminating a publication’s dependence on advertisers is an important first step in building that trust. Libre contributes by providing the means for readers to microfinance the individuals and companies they believe in.

Supporters sign up to a monthly plan and then click the support button to send a small payment to the individual writer or business. Subscribers can cancel at any time. Every BRL1 in a reader’s account equals the same amount of Libre credit for the recipient. If an account holder doesn’t distribute their entire monthly subscription, each “like” increases in value as the subscription is divided equally among recipients. Currently in the test phase, the platform is now accepting applications from parties interested in being supported by the currency.

The rise of fake news has seen a corresponding increase in innovations focusing on clarity, from blockchain-based algorithm rankings requiring third-party proof to an app that suggests additional reading to help readers diversify their news intake. How might marketing campaigns and advertisers use the trend for transparency to build more trust with their audiences?



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