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Platform makes blockchain development simpler

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Stratumn provides a blockchain-building platform that enables developers to build time-stamped, uniquely identifiable data into an array of systems.

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We’ve seen how the bitcoin blockchain could revolutionize international payments, and now a Paris-based startup is aiming to make it simple for developers to harness the potential of blockchain technology.


Stratumn have developed an open Chainscript language that can be applied to various operating systems, enabling users to program it into their preferred network. The Chainscript allows users, for example, to create time-stamped, uniquely identifiable documents at every stage of a legal process (a service that Stratumn is currently offering, called ‘Fossilize’), or to preserve original work or embed mandatory workflow systems. Stratumn is currently in invite-only beta.

We’ve covered how blockchain software can be used to follow a product’s supply chain. What other processes could benefit from traceable blockchain software?



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