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Platform makes attracting early adopters easier for startups

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Houston’s platform helps startups gain traction during product launch, providing customizable feedback forms and drip emails for continued engagement.

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We’ve seen a lot of platforms aimed at assisting startup developers recently, whether it’s building blockchains or boosting SEO rankings. Now a new service is aiming to take the burden off early adopter outreach.


Houston’s SaaS is all about maximizing audience engagement during product launch, beginning with embeddable, customizable email signup forms for product landing pages. Believing that early adopter feedback is crucial for startup success, Houston also provides a customizable, automated drip email service, including questionnaires set by the startup, and a gamified ranking system that offers users rewards for feedback participation and social media shares — an important strategy to boost the potential for a product to go viral. Startups can sign up for a free 14-day trial, and subscribe to Houston from USD 25 per month.

Efforts in product development is crucial, yet the everyday running of the project is labor-intensive — could any other aspects of running a startup be made easier with a SaaS platform?



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