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Platform offers roadtrip directions to help tourists find unique experiences

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Roadtrippers offers US driving directions based on the most interesting route rather than the most efficient journey.

Getting away from popular attractions and onto the road less traveled is the aim of many tourists and we’ve seen a number of ideas catering to more personalized travel, from boutique hotels offering tailored packages to sites that challenge holidaymakers to find unique experiences. Now, a new platform called Roadtrippers is offering driving directions through the US not based on the most efficient journey, but the most interesting route. As with any other directions finder, users first enter their start location and destination and Roadtrippers shows the most direct path to take. However, drivers can then alter the distance they are willing to travel away from that route and add filters depending on what kind of things they would like to see along the way – from local dining options and offbeat hotels to abandoned buildings and awe-inspiring natural features. The aim, according to the website, is to help those heading out onto the road find “eccentric roadside attractions, breathtaking natural wonders, or mouthwatering foodie feasts”. The suggestions featured on the platform are curated by local experts. The website also enables roadtrippers to save their journeys and keep a ‘Bucket List’ of the favorite places they have spotted on their travels to share with others. Roadtrippers is free to use, and helps travelers discover the places they perhaps wouldn’t have found if they had stuck to the most direct route and helps them appreciate their surroundings. Currently available only in the US – one to try in your country?



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