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Platform offers step by step walkthrough to achieve career goals

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ResumUP is an online service that collects data on each user's current work situation and aspirations, creating a comprehensive career plan.

Many innovations for making the recruitment process easier are usually built with the employer in mind. We’ve recently found a few catering to the job hunter, however, with Apply, which directs potential employees to roles which match their personality type, and now ResumUP, a service offering personalized and detailed information on how workers can achieve their career goals. Currently in beta, users can sign in with their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts, allowing ResumUP to access details about their current position, work history and qualifications. The platform then asks users to enter key transferable skills gained, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. After taking a personality test, the site creates a visual resumé. The My Career Plan section of ResumUP then asks the user what job they are aiming for and analyzes the data they have provided, compares it to the profiles of others currently in that position and offers steps they need to take to achieve it. Users see how close they are to meeting the requirements of their desired role, the skills they need to improve upon, and the intermediary roles they could consider which may offer those skills. The site also analyzes the details of their social network contacts to see if friends – or friends of friends – could provide insight into achieving their goal. Users can see a similar visual resumé of those contacts to see what steps and skills they gained to reach their current position. The following video offers more information about how the service works: ResumUP helps jobseekers to see, in detail, what they need to do to reach their life aspirations, making job-hunting a much more pleasant and less daunting task. How else could candidates be directed towards the right roles to make the most of their skills and interests? Update: At the moment, it appears there is no way to delete a profile once it has been created on ResumeUP. Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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