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Textio platform | Photo source Textio

Platform uses AI to write better job descriptions

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The software studies hiring data and uses augmented writing to help HR staff write the best job descriptions to attract the right staff

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Spotted: US-based Textio is using machine learning to help HR improve recruitment practices. Its product, Textio Flow, makes it easier to write more effective job descriptions and other communications, the company says.

Textio Flow uses machine learning to analyse the data a company keeps on its recruitment processes. It also “learns” the company’s corporate language and identity. The artificial intelligence identifies what key words and phrases have resulted in better hires. It then uses augmented writing (think Google Smart Compose) to help HR staffs compose more effective job descriptions.

The platform analyses the word choice and context as the text is written. For instance, prompted with “originality”, it composes a sentence reflecting how originality figures within the context of that particular job. Textio Flow and its companion, Textio Hire, also analyses text for gender and/or minority bias. That aims to help improve diversity and make sure companies are not inadvertently speaking past their target candidates. Textio Flow is already available through subscription.




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