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Curated by moms, an online calendar of kids' activities

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We’ve seen a few different planners that help families keep track of their kids’ activities — either online or off — but the fact remains that finding those activities in the first place can be difficult. New York’s BusyBeesNYC approaches that problem with a customized service that finds and schedules classes and activities for its clients, but in San Francisco, there’s now a central place for parents with kids to find fun and enriching things to do. Now in beta, ad-supported PlayPlanit aims to help parents find local happenings while allowing local businesses to reach a larger audience. Currently focusing on the five-and-younger crowd, the site gives parents a central view of all the kid-friendly events happening in San Francisco each day, week or month. They can search by age, location, availability, tag words and price; when a listing catches their eye, they simply click on it for more information, including contact information and a link to the organizer’s website. Event organizers can list their activities for free, with the option of paying USD 5 to have them featured. Launched in January, PlayPlanit currently focuses on the San Francisco Bay Area, but it hopes eventually to expand. One to partner with or emulate locally for parents and kids in your part of the global playground…? (Related: Directory brings transparency to playgrounds.)



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