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Pleasure Cards

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Linking offline and online worlds, PleasureCards are physical contact cards that allow their owner to share personal information stored online.

Sometimes, the world of social software can be a bit too…virtual. It’s easy to network, easy to connect, but equally easy to give out one’s details without ever really following up. To the rescue comes UK-based PleasureCards: personal contact cards that allow their owner to share personal contact information stored online. The colorful cards, roughly half the size of a standard business card, feature whatever personal information you the user wishes to add, and a PEP (PleasureCard PIN). This number allows recipients to view a cardholder’s online profile, identifying themselves in the process and automatically becoming part of the card holder’s contacts section. The online profile can include (offline) contact details, photos, wishlists, links to websites, and more. To cater to multiple-identity loving MASTERS OF THE YOUNIVERSE, customers can have up to five different PEPs, on different cards, allowing them to vary the level of access they grant to someone they hand a card to, whether business, friendship or dating is involved. In their own words: “PleasureCards works because, unlike the sometimes meaningless “pass me on” nature of viral messaging – people give out their cards to express who they are to people who are truly interested – a genuine connection is made.” PleasureCards are sold in packs of 100 satin-coated paper cards (prices from EUR 30 / GBP 20 / USD 40), including the online profile service, and are delivered globally. Cards can be customized by choosing from thousands of designs. Adding a splash of MASSCLUSIVITY and CUSTOMER-MADE, PleasureCards are by invitation only, and professional and aspiring designers are encouraged to display and sell card designs in the online galleries. Currently in its pilot phase and relying on ‘word of card’, PleasureCards has signed up 2,000 members in 25 countries.


Burgeoning social software meets the physical world: PleasureCards are an interesting way to fill the gap between offline encounters and continuing the conversation online: if we were Friendster, or Orkut, or Flickr, or we would study and/or partner with this company straight away.


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