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Beauty advisor | Photo source Levi Elizaga on Unsplash

Plug-in uses selfies to analyse and recommend products


Selfies could provide the means for consumer-driven product analysis and recommendations.

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Spotted: New technology has drastically changed retail operations in recent years. From a plug-in that enables polls on certain products, to a takeaway cup that can make contactless payments, retail has taken on innovation at a faster pace than any other sector. Now, another plug-in could help recommend consumers products based on data from their selfies.

Revieve‘s Digital Beauty Advisor (DBA) aims to help retailers and beauty brands improve their consumer relationship. Their plug-in provides an individualised customer experience by helping consumers to find beauty products best-suited to them. Consumers can update their specific needs and how products appear on them, through their own selfies across all digital and social media channels. The DBA makes the beauty assistant virtual and available to everyone, regardless of location.

Based on data about consumer behaviour, Revieve can predict future trends and recommend valued products to consumers. They have reported an 85 percent increase in beauty product conversion and an improvement to the average transaction size of 35 percent. Based in AI, the system can carry out product analysis in real-time and deliver results via message or voice output. AR also offers the function to ‘try-on’ new products. The technology analyses various attributes of the shoppers, such as skin tone, eye colour, facial shape and beauty needs, in real-time. It then provides a curated makeup routine from your selection, that matches their precise beauty needs.

Revieve currently provides selfie-driven recommendations across four continents and are leading the market with their niche market research. It is available in-store, online, on mobile, on Messenger & Wechat and through Alexa or Google Home.



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