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Two years ago, we wrote about the launch of pod-based coffee machines in the United States, following Senseo‘s successful start in Europe. Senseo alone has sold over 10 million machines and the pod revolution hasn’t slowed down, as witnessed by these recent spottings of single serving innovation. On the coffee front, creamy varieties are popping up everywhere: Nescafé recently launched Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, and Caffe Cioccolato pods, all of which come with a sachet of topping that creates an extra layer of creamy foam. Folgers offers both Cappuccino and Skinny Latte, for the Home Café system and Douwe Egberts‘ new Senseo cappuccino melange should be in stores soon. Douwe Egberts’ coffee roasters have also stirred up some unusual flavour combinations for summer. Their Forbidden Fruits range includes Lusty Lime (citrus, vodka, vanilla), Summer Sins (orchard fruit, spices and vanilla) and Raving Reds (red berries, spices and vanilla). Since the single serving concept aims to please every single consumer, tea drinkers haven’t been forgotten. Lipton has created pods for both Home Café and Lavazza pod systems, in flavours like English Estate, Raspberry Truffle and Citrus Blossom Green Tea. Melitta’s One:One pod brewing machine has a unique separate iced-tea spout, and Melitta paired up with master tea blender Barry Coopers to create tea pods that work with both hot and cold water. Blends include Zen in Black and Shades of Jade. Back in Europe, Pickwick Teas have also joined the tea pod game, introducing T-Pad flavour combinations such as rooibos/blood orange, green tea/mint, lemon/lime, and bergamot/lime. To avoid tea tasting of coffee, Pickwick sells a special T-Pad holder that fits Senseo coffee machines. Next pod innovation? Chocolate! Home Café is already working on mocha and cocoa pods. For an exclusive touch, why not partner up with the cocoa professionals we recently featured? Enough examples for now. What should be obvious, is that creating beverage pods remains a great feeder business, and one that will continue to expand with fanciful flavours and high quality melanges from master blenders, both big and boutique. Very much like that other pod, which also spawned cottage industries from here to Tokyo!


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