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New podcast platform offers dynamic advertising


Acast offers podcast users an immersive audio experience while presenting advertisers with new opportunities to reach listeners.

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Podcasts have been around for years, but only recently are strides being made to improve the quality of advertising on them. Around 46 million people in the US listen to podcasts every month, many of them young high-earners. A new app, Acast is now opening this demographic up for marketers.

The team are working to improve the experience of listeners while helping advertisers spread their content. The app delivers advertising and sponsorship opportunities on its platform, while providing comprehensive metrics and statistics. It is free to use, and enables listeners to browse podcasts while also recommending them shows. For advertisers, the app will market products and services by targeting listeners’ location and other data such as listening preferences — if a fast food restaurant wanted to advertise a new burger, Acast will help them target listeners in their area who are subscribed to podcasts to do with food. The dynamic adverts will include traditional audio ads, sponsored content and video, links to articles and display banners.


Acast also provides a platform for podcasters, giving them free unlimited audio storage, classes, reports, and an option to add elements to enrich the audio experience, such as interactive photos, videos and articles.

With online advertising posing new challenges to revenue, how else can developers reach out to ad-averse digital natives?



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