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Custom banner ads in 48 hours for $49

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As is true in so many business decisions, companies in need of banner ads typically face the choice between creating their own or hiring a professional to create it for them. Many do-it-yourself sites use templates, however—which can result in a cookie-cutter look—while using professionals can be expensive and time-consuming. Aiming to offer a third alternative, PointBanner promises custom-created banners in just 48 hours for USD 49. Customers submit a banner request with New York-based PointBanner in three simple steps: they upload their logo, enter their desired text and URL, and then pick a size. Eschewing templates, the company’s design team works on each banner individually, guaranteeing a result for USD 49 within 48 hours. Three free revisions are included for each banner, and an assortment of multi-banner packages are also available with per-banner pricing as low as USD 11. Much like Inkd, which offers a third alternative in the realm of graphic (print) design, PointBanner seems like a natural next step in the evolution of web advertising, making professional quality more accessible to all. One to adapt locally—or, more broadly, find another area where the niche between cookie-cutter and professional approaches is currently unfilled, and offer a middle ground of your own!



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