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From Poland, virtual interior design brought to the human scale


Retail store designers A+D have created a new service to help create lifesize virtual spaces for its clients.

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Decolabs has already harnessed the power of augmented reality to let interior designers see what products might look like in situ through the iPad. Bringing this service to the human scale, Polish retail store designers A+D have developed a new service to help create lifesize virtual spaces for its clients.

Aimed at those looking to open a retail store, the platform uses a projector to show the planned design in 1:1 scale, enabling customers to see a virtual representation of the space that is true to life – standing in front of the display creates the illusion that one could walk into the space. Clients can use the platform to see what an existing design will look like, or begin with a blank space and gradually add furniture, lighting and design elements using an iPad. The service allows designers to tweak and perfect their designs or accurately determine the measurements of fittings before they even begin to spend money on their store.

As with other virtual reality design platforms, the A+D service could save its clients time and money, enabling them to spot mistakes before they happen in the real world. Although created with retail store owners in mind, it’s easy to see how this innovation could have applications in a wide range of industries.



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