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Poll plugin

Poll plugins help shoppers get advice before purchasing


Marketing plugins offers retailers the chance to act as an advisory stylist for their customers.

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Spotted: Experiential retail continues to be one of the hottest trends, with more retailers providing unique experiences to their customers with hopes of garnering brand loyalty. From an app that makes shopping online social to a search tool that uses AI to replicate the in-store experience, there have never been so many diverse ways to shop. Now, an American app is providing retailers with a smart added extra that could encourage more spending.

Research shows that 78 percent of women base their purchasing choices on advice and recommendations from friends. SelfieMark has spotted this retail trend and sought to fill it with their new plugins. Their app already uses smart comparison for brands and retailers to test market acceptance. Recent developments have now fostered the creation of poll plugins. They can appear as buttons in emails, websites, or various other forms of marketing. This allows consumers to create a poll on a specific product. A stylist, either from SelfieMark or the retailer themselves, then offers them advice on said product. This adds a level of trust and brand acceptance ordinarily missing from the standard sales pitch. The polls can be embedded in emails, on websites, or shared on social media.

This level of personalisation is unique in the retail industry, where jaded consumers can often see straight through generic sales pitches. In creating a real conversation and relationship with consumers, SelfieMark offers retailers the opportunity to maximise brand loyalty and help make customers feel valued.



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