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Pop-up shop on wheels allows brand to travel

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High-end clothing company has converted an Airstream trailer into a store that can travel and stop at locations chosen by customers.

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Pop-ups appeal to brands for a variety of reasons. They are (generally) temporary structures used for particular occasions; can provide feedback from customers in a way that traditional storefronts often struggle to capture, and can provide a platform for a very focused range of products. Wanting to find something with the ease and portability of a pop-up, that was also reusable, Los Angeles-based Aether apparel company created the Aetherstream.

Working with designer Thierry Gaugain, an Airstream trailer was transformed into a travelling storefront complete with a wood burning stove, custom built sofas, furnishings and decorations from Parisian flea and antique markets. The pop-up has already travelled to several North American cities, and customers wanting to suggest a stop for the shop are invited to email the company.

Small and independent companies are using a variety of methods to compete with the giants of online shopping. Examples include modular, customizable street carts and a new gadget and platform that helps local shops rise to the top of area internet searches. With food, fashion and homewares already familiar with the idea pop-up shopping, what other industries might find a more mobile approach successful?




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