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Pop-up bakery


Bake sales are popping up all over the place in the Silver Lake neighbourhood of Los Angeles—and pinpointing exactly where and when is part of the fun. Billed as a “secret bakery,” Treat Street is a roving guerilla venture that operates out of a homemade stand that temporarily alights in a baker-friendly driveway. Similar to previously highlighted guerilla concepts, such as pop-up restaurants and drive-in movie theaters, Treat Street keeps its patrons enthused by keeping them guessing. Customers can log onto the Treat Street blog for clues about where the next sale will be, or to view pictures of past events. While there’s much to be said for homemade cookies and cakes, it’s the novelty that keeps this idea fresh and appealing. Many customers get a sense of adventure when it comes to surprises that linger but briefly. Although you’re unlikely to make millions by running local bake sales, guerilla concepts are good inspiration for entrepreneurs or marketeers who want to create buzz without breaking the bank. And for big (food and beverage) brands who want to delight and surprise consumers. For in-depth information on what drives consumers to seek out new experiences instead of new possessions, check out’s briefing on transumers. Last but not least, the pop-up method is also a low-cost way to try out a business and find out whether it’s something you want to invest more time and money in. Spotted by: Peter Abraham


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