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Pop-up nightclubs — Update

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A few months ago, we featured pop-up nightclubs in Australia, which were part of a marketing effort by Southern Comfort. Australian clubbers aren’t the only ones being treated to transitory clubs—in Barcelona and Lisbon, Kubik recently opened its temporary doors. Designed by Berlin-based urban design agency ModulorBeat and light artist Andreas Barthelmes, Kubik is built from stacked, reused water tanks. Lighting in each cube is controlled separately, which makes for a spectacular backdrop that pulses to a DJ’s beats. Kubik operated a temporary club in Berlin last year and has now (wisely) relocated to warmer climes. Kubik Barcelona is located in two separate locations in the Parc del Fòrum: one venue is illuminated in green, the other in magenta. It won’t come as a surprise that Kubik Barcelona is sponsored by three beverage companies: Estrella Galicia (beer) Strongbow Gold (apple cider) and Burn (energy drink). Kubik’s 275 illuminated cubes house a bar and lounge from Sunday through Wednesday, and a club from Friday through Saturday. Kubik Lisbon was one of the venues for the first Portuguese Creamfields event, an outpost of the major UK dance festival, with Bacardi featuring as main sponsor. Both Kubiks will close at the end of summer. One to dance the night away in if you’re interested in experiencing well-executed temporary architecture, or if you’re looking for inspiration on where next to take the transient trend of pop-up. Spotted by: Petz Scholtus



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