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Portable cooking set

Portable cooking set revolutionizes kitchen space

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Student innovation holds the solution to millennial kitchen traffic problems with this portable kitchen set.

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The world is getting smaller and smaller by the day, and Springwise has seen that innovation is following suit. From a micro-dishwasher in the home to a tiny satellite in space, compact seems to be hard-wired into the future of design. Royal College of Arts (RCA) graduate, Yu Li, has taken this concept and applied it to a problem often faced by her peers. Kitchen space is often hotly contested in shared accommodation, so her space-saving design seeks to reduce kitchen clutter. Called Assembly, the seven-in-one set offers a cutting board, induction hob, a wrap for utensils and cutlery. In addition it also includes a dish rack, a pot and pan, and a portable box.

Li aims to challenge the traditional kitchen and the problems of kitchen traffic. She explains, “The idea is to trim the original kitchen space down to a few minimal elements. Therefore space can be designed simpler, neater and transformed into other purposes to increase the space utilisation”. In shared accommodation with limited kitchen space, this portable set is ideal for young people. Not only does it save space, but also keeps all kitchenware in one place. This is an additional bonus for students who often move accommodation at the end of each academic year.

The set is designed in simple colours of red and white reflecting the uncluttered environment it promotes. Even the back of the case serves a purpose, slotting into the dish rack to collect excess water. Practical and attractive, the product is a sleek, modern alternative for adaptable domestic cooking.

Assembly was on show at the RCA’s annual degree exhibition, and is part of Li’s work towards her MA Design in the RCA’s School of Design. What other ways could innovation foster social interaction?




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