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Ultrasonic cleaning | Photo source Pixabay

Portable sonic tool revolutionises cleaning


A US tech company have created an ultrasonic cleaning device that can clean anything with the aid of a very small amount of water.

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Hygiene and saving energy are some of the biggest global challenges and with a shortage of clean water in the developing world, finding new ways to clean has never been more paramount.

Sonic Soak, a portable ultrasonic cleaning device, could be the answer. It can be used to clean everything from fruit and vegetables, to clothes and even jewellery. When used to clean, the device generates ultrasonic waves which creates bubbles that can destroy dirt. Due to the sophisticated technology, the pressure of the bubbles is enough to destroy bacteria and gives a very deep clean. Despite the rapid movement, the human ear is unable to detect any sound and the cycle takes less than an hour. Sonic Soak uses only 10 percent of the energy and less than 2 percent of the water of a standard washing machine. It’s made from antibacterial stainless steal and is small enough to fit in a pocket and therefore is perfect for travellers, or when you just need to get rid of a tough stain in an emergency.

The Kickstarter campaign exceeded expectations and has raised over USD 500,000, well past the initial goal of USD 10,000 which was needed to get the item to market. As a result Sonic Soak is already being produced and backers can receive a discount on the device for a limited period.

Finding innovations that reduces energy and saves water is in constant development. In the UK, a duo from the Nottingham Trent University came up with a counterweight to stop washing machines from vibrating during use, reducing the amount of CO2 that is usually omitted from the traditional concrete blocks. Could this and the Sonic Soak be the end of more common ways of washing and the start of more energy-efficient and portable devices?



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