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Portable, wireless cash register is designed for informal economies


Nomanini has created a rugged point-of-sale register that can facilitate cash payments for electricity, airtime and insurance.

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Running a business in environments such as Africa is a completely different challenge than in the Western world thanks to lack of access to electricity and unreliable internet infrastructure. In the past we've seen portable devices such as the eChaja enable anyone to sell phone charging facilities wherever they are. Now Nomanini has created a rugged point-of-sale register that can facilitate cash payments for airtime, electricity and insurance.

The device is a light-weight, yet durable machine that doesn't require being plugged in or connected to a cell signal to operate. It comes in 3 designs optimized for separate functions — selling mobile airtime, electricity and insurance — although the device can also be customized to work with other forms of cash payments or multiple transaction types. Sales can be completed by pressing as little as 2 buttons. For example, a device can be pre-loaded with top-up packages from popular phone networks. The vendor simply presses the button for the selected package and presses the confirm button to register the sale and print a receipt for the customer. The receipt features a PIN code that the customer can then use to redeem their top-up amount.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the device:

The Nomanini device is designed for rough environments such as rural Africa, enabling vendors to quickly and reliably sell utility products to cash-paying customers. Are there other devices that could help businesses operate in informal economies?



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