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Portable kiosk for mobile brands, roof terrace optional


Consumers have become increasingly mobile and nomadic, so it’s no surprise that brands are doing the same, as witnessed by the continued popularity of pop-up retail. Helping stores get out and about whilst maintaining their brand image is bboxx–a compact and quick to construct mobile kiosk. Bboxx’s design is based around a cylinder that retailers can tailor to their own needs by adding a roof terrace, a second storey, different types of stairs, all-over artwork and underfloor heating. These customised designs can then be purchased or rented for any length of time ranging from a single day to twelve months. Since the company began two years ago in Berlin, bboxxes have popped up in prominent locations in Berlin, as well as Frankfurt, Munich, London and Switzerland. This year, the concept won the M-Berlin marketing award. The company’s website brings a refreshing accessibility and transparency to B2B selling: retailers can design their own bboxx in minutes, selecting features, uploading artwork and choosing indoor or outdoor environments to get a sense of how it might look in the real world. As features are added or removed, the appearance of the box changes and the rental or purchase price is altered accordingly. The most basic boxx costs EUR 14,000 to purchase, or EUR 116 per day for a two-week rental. One of the most glamorous options, including a roof terrace, all-over print, lighting and heating costs EUR 34,000 to purchase or a total of EUR 6,000 to rent for two weeks. An option to explore for your next pop-up outing, perhaps? Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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