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Portuguese company scrambles code to foil cyber attacks

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Malware protection for companies' weakest link, its apps and third-party programs

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Spotted: Portugal-based Jscrambler is changing the way companies protect themselves from cyber-attacks. The technology works by transforming the code companies use to create their own web applications and giving it self-defensive properties. It also monitors threats in real-time. Companies are alerted in seconds if hackers are trying to alter their code, or in any way modify the contents of their webpages. The timing allows them to react before serious damage is done.

Historically, companies could protect themselves from hackers and malware by securing their internal servers and computer systems. But antivirus and anti-malware products used on company servers have become less effective against these attacks. Companies have become even more vulnerable because so many use code that runs on clients’ computers.

Businesses use client-orientated apps and programs, often written in JavaScript, to interact with their customers remotely. Think of Netflix or Internet banking – a simple interface that allows customers to enter sensitive information to receive a product or service. The code used to create that interface may be highly sophisticated. But hackers can read the entire code and launch attacks.

While services exist to conceal the code, Jscrambler offers companies a better way to protect it. First by jumbling the JavaScript code so a hacker cannot read it or reverse engineer it. And then, with its latest Jscrambler 6 version, constantly monitor for threats to the JavaScript code in real-time and immediately alert the company to outside attempts to tamper with the code.

Jscrambler is available by subscription, both cloud-based or on-premises. Jscrambler recently received more than €2.1 million in funding. More than 43,000 companies and individuals, including Fortune 500 businesses, are already using its technology.




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